One in 5 Australians lives with chronic pain and for many of them the pain is severely disabling, affecting all aspects of their lives. But with your help the Pain Problem no longer needs to be a life sentence.

conquering pain

Whether chronic pain is in the back, the jaw, the breast, a joint or elsewhere, and is a result of injury, disease, biology or surgery, all pain resides in the brain. 

The Pain Foundation supports gifted and world-renowned doctors, scientists and clinicians in exploring and unravelling the science and management of pain. Applying that knowledge in practical ways frees sufferers from the debilitating and devastating experience of chronic pain and the associated  depression and anxiety it can cause. 

Conquering chronic pain sets sufferers, their families and our community free to live life to the fullest again. You can help this vital work. 

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patient stories

Adding to physical and emotional experience of pain is the frustration of never feeling properly understood by doctors, family and friends. Here are some stories of people who have conquered their pain with the help of PMRI’s ADAPT course.