Patient Stories

Adding to physical and emotional experience of pain is the frustration of never feeling properly understood by doctors, family and friends. Here are some stories of people who have conquered their pain with the help of PMRI’s ADAPT course.

Barbara’s story

Barbara Walker suffered chronic pain after a breast cancer operation, crossed the world in search of a cure, and finally entered the PMRI ADAPT course, which she says turned her life around…

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Rebecca’s story 

“I was 14, doing gymnastics training 15 hours a week, when I ran into the vault horse and fractured my lower back. I changed my mind at the last minute and baulked…

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Ross’s Story

Ross had suffered persistent excruciating pain in his back and legs since 1991, when he fell down a flight of stairs in the watchtower while working at Cessnock Jail.

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Simone’s Story

Simone 39, was 20 years old, studying to be a concert pianist, newly married and driving with her husband, when a car accident left her a quadriplegic…

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Steve’s Story

“I was a cop for 20 years, mostly in plain clothes. In 1995, I was walking along a footpath, when a four-wheel drive ran off the road and pinned me against the wall with its roo bar. It was an accident…

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