About Pain Foundation

Pain Foundation Ltd is the not-for-profit organisation with DGR status that helps provide secure funding to the researchers and clinicians of the Pain Management Research Institute (PMRI).  

PMRI is a Research Centre of the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney and a Centre of the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, a joint initiative between the University and Northern Sydney Local Health District. PMRI has been leading the way in the science and treatment of pain since 1990.

Pain Foundation Ltd and PMRI together pursue our broad goal of becoming a global leader in providing comprehensive pain management solutions, lifting the burden of pain from the community.

 We do this by:

  • Conducting basic/pre-clinical, clinical and applied research programs
  • Operating a national and international education program
  • In collaboration with the Michael J Cousins Pain Management & Research Centre (PMRC), treating patients with acute pain, cancer pain, and chronic non-cancer pain.

What we’ve achieved so far

Here are just a few of the key outcomes of PMRI research over the past 3 decades.

  • Documented the burden of chronic pain in NSW
  • Led to the development new drugs and devices for pain management  – including the revolutionary Evoke spinal cord stimulator
  • Developed an understanding of how cannabis controls pain
  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of pain self management programs
  • Shown that early intervention helps injured workers return to work sooner.