PMRI assists Australia Post in Comcare Award wins!

Source: Comcare

May 18, 2021

The Early Matched Care at Australia Post (EMCAP) project partnered with the University of Sydney and led by PMRI’s Professor Michael Nicholas and his Research Project Manager/Lecturer Dr Manasi Mittinty, was announced as the 2021 Winner of Comcare’s Category 3 – Recovery at and Return to Work Award! In addition, the Early Intervention – Injury Management (Australia Post) project was also acknowledged with a High Commendation in Comcare’s Category 2 – Early Intervention.

Comcare’s National Work Health and Safety Awards recognise and reward excellence in workplace health and safety, recovery at and return to work achieved by individuals and organisations covered under the Comcare scheme. These Awards recognise excellence in early intervention and return to work programs or systems for ill or injured employees.

Early Matched Care at Australia Post (EMCAP). In consultation with the pain medicine team at University of Sydney, the Australia Post Group (APG) undertook a 12-month controlled trial of early identification and intervention for injured workers at risk of delayed recovery and disability as a result of their work-related injury.

Early Intervention – Injury Management (Australia Post). A series of short suitable duties videos were developed to promote doctor awareness of the typical physical demands of tasks and range of suitable duties available across all job roles.

To watch a Vimeo of the Awards announcement, CLICK HERE, and advance to 25m 55s for the latter award, and to 34m 6s for the former.

Source: Comcare,

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