New partnership with the Heine Foundation

The Heine Foundation is supporting the Pain Management Research Institute to carry out a program of research projects titled “ Pathways to better Pain management”.  

The project is led by Professor Paul Glare, Director of Pain Management Research Institute and aims to identify pathways to better pain management, that is to improve the lives of people living with chronic pain by providing them with better access to better treatments and care. We are undertaking three intersecting lines of research over the next three years that, together, have the greatest potential to change the way in which chronic pain is managed for the benefit of both individuals and society:

1.1.    Research led by Dr Karin Aubrey and Professor Chris Vaughan that aims to uncover novel biological mechanisms that produce and maintain chronic pain. This will lead to the development of safer and more effective pharmacological therapies for chronic pain

1.2.    Research led by Professor Paul Glare and Dr Claire Ashton-James that aims to develop digital behavioural interventions that will help patients with chronic pain to change their attitudes and behaviour in response to pain, and help them to be less reliant on potentially harmful opioid medications 

1.3.    Research led by Associate Professor Paul Wrigley improving the delivery of high-quality care to people with chronic pain in the community, preventing the need for frequent presentation to Emergency Departments.

Multiple research jobs are being created as a result of this project