“Back Pain: the new science?” – ABC Drum

Moderator, Julia Baird, interviewing Nicki Hutley

August 3, 2023

Last night on ABC’s The Drum, we had the privilege of hearing Nicki Hutley’s powerful story about living with chronic pain.

Nicki bravely shared her personal journey battling chronic back pain, revealing the significant impact it had on her life. But it’s through programs like the Brief Pain Self-Management (BPSM) Program at the Michael J Cousins Pain Management & Research Centre (PMRC) at Royal North Shore Hospital she learned a management regime that helped her. 

myBPSM  is a collaborative program delivered by a multidisciplinary team at MJC PMRC. This includes physiotherapy, clinical psychology, nursing, medical, and administrative staff. The approach assisted Nicki to find solace in accepting her pain and working on lifestyle and thinking changes – an approach she credits to virtually saving her life.

Nicki says it’s not that she lives pain-free, but she lives relatively drug-free, and she manages it. Thank you, Nicki, for sharing your journey and raising awareness about chronic pain.

You can watch the 10-minute discussion at THIS LINK. (Starts at 48th minute.)

(If you have access to ABC iview, you will see a quality recording of the full program, with the ‘back pain’ interview commencing at the 49th minute.)

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